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Herzlich Willkommen auf

so. was ist diese seite. superfunky? was soll das? nun, ist eine kleine nette INFO Page welche den Zweck hat super coole funky künstler und musiker zu featuren.

what is funk? funk is real. if you can't explain funk, you dont have it. if you cant sit there and have a discussion about funk, you missed it.
funk is a measure in extremes. funk can be hot or cold, the way out or the way in. complete or incomplete. if you see a good looking woman, you can say
mmmh baby, that dress is funky. or: yo brother, thats a funky outfit. you see: totally different thing. when you finnish workout gym you can smell rather funky
and go to the shower........ LIKEWISE MUSIC CAN BE FUNKY TOO.....

lets get tha funk. funk it, funkify your life, get on down. keep the funk alive. funky junky gets some orange juice. well funk is everywhere.
either you like funk or you dont like it. joachim ernst berendt sayed once: "funk bedeutet im slang der gehtos: furcht, angst"
how ever. funky may also "mean unconventional" however. a question before you proceed to the other funky pages of this website, with infos to
many lotsa funky musicans:

are YOU funky?

if yes, goto the FUNKYFLO Websies!

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if no, please LEAVE THE SITE

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